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[audio]doblec.003 choplin - cementerio v.a. - choplin
The 3th release on Doblec. Four tracks of experimental electronic music by Choplin under the names of pc02, kartilak or chopc inspired by cementerys and the death. with artwork.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 132
[audio]-1348- - Crystal Night [zero102a] - -1348-
Three long pieces made with bass guitar, balalaika, home-made metal banjo, scratchy record and found tapes. Originally released as a C60 in 1988 on the Korm Plastics label in an edition of 1x3x4x8 copies. Re-released by Korm Plastic on CDR in 1999.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 692
[audio]ms007n - d7gn - 0=0 - frederick clifford brummer
his name is frederick clifford brummer. he is a canadian musician/artist living in japan. found a macintosh computer in the trash. has been making visual art with it. performing electronic music in tokyo. live in a shoebox... and his music isn't about progressing or regressing, and one hesitates to refer to such a strong, enjoyable listen as a holding pattern. the sort of slight seismic shift that may take millions of years to have its say...
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 596
[audio]aljen - vidda [tonAtom.016] - aleksander jensko
some artists work at both the musical and the design areas. so much the better if they do this in both areas on an equally high level. and this is the case with this release: aleksander "aljen" jensko, member of the tonAtom team and responsible for quite some cover art and the design elements of the tonAtom look-and-feel presents "vidda" as a successor to his first release "ikke drikkevann" [tonAtom.002] dark atmospheres, multi-layered sounds and every now and then some fine humour result in an ...
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 2,538
[audio]no - no disc - "no"
Primera edicion cumshot de este duo experimental que ya cuenta con una larga historia. Este compilado aglomera una despreocupada pero sutilisima seleccion de algunos de sus temas, siendo asi una antesala a futuros lanzamientos de sus proximos trabajos llenos de sopor y mensajes subliminales que ni ellos mismos logran comprender del todo. Claro, el publico hace la obra. Si deseas algo mas de informacion de NO visita: www.nocierto.tk
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 6,705
[audio]Jon Vaughn & Nuthre - Catch Symbalisty [nsh014] - Jon Vaughn & Nuthre
Catch Symbalisty -- an intricate labyrinth of unwavering abstract sounds from Jon Vaughn & Nuthre. Don't try and make sense of it.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 1,176
[audio]edit 1 - Ethnomite Pux
ambient noise
Keywords: ambient noise
Downloads: 32
[audio][SP027] Seism - Bloody Goat Semen (2007)

Keywords: Ambient Noise
Downloads: 44
[audio]Iron Gate - i2b5k0
this is my second attempt to remix Sawe's sample pack. i like this one better - a little more mean; a little more dirty; a little more wierd. Structurally, I am kind of frustrated with it, however. I'm not sure that I explored the dissonant potential as at the peak i am only using five different panpoints out of a predefined 12. Despite this, using tracker techniques (with renoise) was alot more profitable than the loop-based attempt; this one does more justice to sawe's excellent samples.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 203
[audio]Ambient Noise - Jerm
Keywords: Ambient-Noise
Downloads: 843
[audio]Drunken Gunmen - We Are Your Future - Drunken Gunmen
Part of the "Drunken Gunmen Live & Improvised" series. This track features electronica, guitars, voice and extreme feedback effects (aural health warning!) http://www.spacedoutsounds.com
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 457
[audio]env(itre) - landscapewithsunlightandshadows [tonAtom.011] - env(itre)
sunlight and shadows ambient soundscapes combined with dodgy rhythm-structures, this could be the simple description of the soundworks on this e.p. - but it is not that easy. these tracks, created by the artist miro majewski a.k.a. env(itre) seem like scaffolds against sunsets to the listeners. and they capture them immediately. on tonAtom he presents five fascinating creations being a yet unpublished retrospective on his works of the past two years...
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 3,002
[audio]Herr Axelsson - Rainy Night [nsh017] - Herr Axelsson
Rainy Night (Field Studies From Östernäs) by Herr Axelsson; listening to suspended raindrops, constellated preciptation and droning acoustics.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 2,072 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Foer - Live at DV8 [nsh026] - Foer
Live at DV8 by Foer, a 72 minute live recording dating back from 1999, featuring a confusing barage of improv electronic and ambient music.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 341
[audio]-1348- - Enthusiasm [zero104a] - -1348-
This 1987 recording by -1348- was an indirect homage to Dziga Vertov. Recorded with the utmost minimal setup-just a casio sk-1 and Boss sampler delay pedal straight to cassette deck. The original 90 minute tape was edited down to 60 minutes and re-released by Staalplaat's Bake Records imprint in 1999. Lofi industrial loops and rhythms.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 2,114
[audio]The_Lost_Things [suda 0013]
Jorge Castro & Ryuta kawabata Sudamericaelectronica.com SUDA 0013 The Lost Things is a live audio seccion with all the nerd things that are happening there. Machines>>>Machines. Wav Produced and recorded by Jorge Castro aka Fisternni Mastered by Ranser Cordoba Argentina 2009
Keywords: ambient, noise
Downloads: 462 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Muphy Luzod - Lament for Lost Beats [nsh030] - Murphy Luzod
Murphy Luzod was kind enough to contribute a live recoding of his performance at last year's Open Circuits festival: Lament for Lost Beats. A shimmering spiral of tones and ever-so-subtle clicks.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 657
[audio]Manipulation of Incarnate Consciousness Activation Ritual - Dub Ya Children Eaterz
Part two of the first trio, recorded live in a basement. k5k & Males Kort battlin against tha rythym, with time and space against them.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 576
[audio]Foer - Landlines [nsh001] - Foer
A collection of work by Foer, a improv electronic duo from Vancouver. A range of crisp ambience with plundered sounds scattered to and fro.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 607
[audio]Nuthre - Cinquains [nsh010] - Nuthre
Nuthre makes his Nishi debut with Cinquains. A reflective & subtle collection of music, inspired by a form of five-line poetry with syllables for each line as 2-4-6-8-2, Cinquains organizes material provided by Jon Vaughn into textures of 2, 4, 6, and 8 voice polyphonies with slight adjustments and much patience.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 701
[audio][ffs112] DCLXVI - Nineteen Seventy Nine - DCLXVI
A short biographical look at a fictional dictator and the constant struggle between him and his alter ego. Created using: Reaktor & Sound Forge.
Keywords: Ambient Noise
Downloads: 3,317
[audio]V. - Live At Deadtech [zero147a] - v.
Live recording of V. at Deadtech, Chicago. The last show of the 10 city-10 day tour with Ultra Milkmaids and Cornucopia. Drums, autoharp, and electronics make a pretty noisey and textual set.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 3,190
[audio]Various Artists - Raped By 4 Valentines Day - Compilation With Controlled Bleeding, F/i, 37 Pink [zero135a] - Controlled Bleeding, F/i, 37 Pink
Cassette compilation originally released by Watergate Tapes in 1985 featured three leading hometaper/experimental artists of the day: Controlled Bleeding, F/i, 37 Pink.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 104,444 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]DJ Aural - Enter This World [nsh004] - DJ Aural
Dj Aural makes an apperance on Nishi -- known to many in Vancouver for his hypnotic audio/visual performances. Enter this world offers up 9 tracks that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in a sandbox of samples.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 2,552
[audio]Mystery Hearsay - Flesh Dwarf [zero140a] - Mystery Hearsay
The final installment in the Mystery Hearsay trilogy for zeromoon, is a work that borders on dark ambient, but with none of the cliches or meandering exercises. Assembled by MC Ladno.
Keywords: Ambient/noise
Downloads: 2,909
[audio]Pallindrone - Sing Sang [Fukk God 028]
Droning noise. Noisy drones.
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 397
[audio]Ooi - Uw2 [od032] - Ooi
as soon as we received this track we literally fell in love with it, intelligent, a little bit melancholy, perfectly fitting with xmas. exactly as we love. the main, mellow, soft melodies are dressed with bleeps and click surrounding mech bdrums, into an eternal loop we truly hope will never end. but it ends, it's broken, and we cannot help but pressing play on tape again. :)
Keywords: Electronic; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 895
[audio]Granular_004 [BB22] - granular
Fourth part of the Granular serie. Granular synthesis and audio experiments.
Keywords: Avantgarde; Electronic; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 1,101
[audio]\Slash - Mutter [Cam#004] - \Slash
\Slashs first of many contribution to the camomille project is a dark and broken beated module did with masterfull technique. This module marks the sound of \slash at its beginning, chippy, sometimes plaid-esque, sometimes insane, idm/electronic/hip-hop sound weve known and loved since this release ! module to mp3 conversion made by Mcbain222 on soulseek !
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Chipstyle; IDM
Downloads: 1,127
[audio]Positions EP - artificialcuttlefish
Formerly Known as ASOQM "I don’t care if he’s a fan. What we do is totally different. I don’t care if they like us.” -Cao Jian Jun artificialcuttlefish uses: Jack Kluppe Pure Data Audacity Hydrogen
Keywords: harsh, ambient, noise
Downloads: 67
Vitaly Maklakov is a young noise musician from Russia and runs several projects into the noise, industrial, ambient, drone and similar styles. Light Collapse began in 2003 and since then he has already edited more than 30 works.Vitaly Maklakov is a russian noise artist from a small Ural town named Kamensk-Uralsky. A graduated graphic designer, he teaches painting at a children art school. At the same time he is a prolific musician who has composed a lot of tracks in industrial/ambient way...
Keywords: Ambient Noise Wall
Downloads: 26
[image]. - .
Keywords: Ambient Noise Wall
Downloads: 1
[audio]. - .
Keywords: Ambient Noise Wall
Downloads: 10
[audio]Beutewaffen - Beutewaffen
Keywords: Ambient Noise Wall
Downloads: 4
[audio]Keyhole Deity - UnKindness Of Ravens
Track 7 from the Obsidian Smoke Rings album. An expansion on the UnKindness Of Ravens' musical scribble effort. This is a result of collective improvisation and exposition (reverse composition). More information at http://www.unkindness-of-ravens.org
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient/noise; Avantgarde
Downloads: 444 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]ModernArt - Liberation Frequency? [Fukk God 019]
Radio static bursts
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Experimental
Downloads: 650
[audio]prayer - erik mylenek
this piece was constructed from several digital improvisations using among other things: free jazz, percussion, piano, bells, and field recordings. the first two movements are noisy and unsettling, the three final movements move more into an ambient terrain.
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 1,315 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
Several NOISE bands over the world, working hard to find new textures and sounds.
Downloads: 9
Several NOISE projects over the world, working hard to find new textures and sounds.
Downloads: 13
[audio]Kotra - Stamina [nsh055] - Kotra
Continuing the Ukrainian tradition of precise soundscapes with a human touch, Kotra presents Stamina. There's enough intricacy and plot twists in these four offerings to delight and fascinate the casual listener and the close scrutinizer alike.
Keywords: Electronic; Ambient/noise; Abstract
Downloads: 1,354 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]OUM_Octobre2 - OUM
Keywords: ambient noise experimentation
Downloads: 64
[audio]Kaneel - Chill Chill [Cam#029] - Kaneel
First single for camomille home player Kaneel. He brings us and makes us discover the ultimate sweetness in his sound. Manipulted ambiances, glitchy melodies and dirty distorted beated mayhem makes, paradoxically, one of the cutest and naïve tracks on camomille. my ambient journey, short, versatile. this is my little secret world i wanna keep for myself.- Kaneel
Keywords: IDM; Bleep; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 11,983
[audio]Third I/D.K.R.Toliko vas je - strip/split singl - Nenad Popović & Kostja Ribnik
Noise and comic split single. Published by Stripnjak comics, Stripe Zvukan edition #01 2014.Audio singles:Track one: "Susreti sa sobom" by Third I Track two: "Memoari" by David Konstantin RibnikowskiOne page comic: "So Many" English version "Toliko vas je" Serbian version Text by Nenad PopovićArt by Kostja Ribnik
Keywords: comic.ambient.noise.multimedia
Downloads: 9
[audio]Rush Hour on the Event Horizon, 2006-01-09 - Pirate Cat Radio
Rush Hour on the Event Horizon radio program from 2006-01-09.
Keywords: ambient, noise, experimental
Downloads: 93
[audio]The Trotters - The Trotters [nsh038] - The Trotters
Yu Nishibori & his friends are back, this time as The Trotters with Rupert Cogan from duodecimo(UK)-- an excellent follow-up to their previous album; slow & evocative sound-fields brimming with processed recordings and a host of other mysterious sounds.
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Experimental
Downloads: 1,306
[audio]Ambient Noise Wall vol. 2 - ANW
Several bands, 6 in total, finding the deep of noise.
Keywords: Ambient Noise Wall, ANW
Downloads: 301
[audio]Dizzonanz_Domestic_-_Daily_Frustrations-(20k308)-2010 - Dizzonanz Domestic
we start the year 2011 with a fabulous noise ambient track by the fabulous dizzonanz domestic who has releases stuff on many different labels like enough, clinical archives, amduscias records and sounds abound. straight from the underground!
Keywords: noize; ambient noise
Downloads: 40
[audio]Fever Asym - First Soundscape Experiment [nsh065] - Fever Asym
Don't be fooled by the name: there's nothing rudimentary about First Soundscape Experiment. Fever Asym's ambient wanderings are melodic and atonal, beatless and rhythmic.
Keywords: Ambient; Electronic; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 2,023
https://www.facebook.com/groups/ambient.noise.wall/ http://ambient-noise-wall.blogspot.com.es/ http://www.last.fm/music/Ambient+Noise+Wall https://myspace.com/ambient_noise_wall
Keywords: Ambient Noise Wall, ANW
Downloads: 137
[audio]My Semipermeable Membrane - half-cocked with a unicorn face pt1 - My semipermeable membrane

Keywords: experimental, ambient, noise
Downloads: 3,396
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